Join the National Armaments Consortium (NAC) to gain access to access energetics-related technology R&D funding available to NEST.

The National Armaments Consortium (NAC) is the largest collaborative organization working with the DoD to develop armament technologies in support of our Nation’s security. The NAC’s focus: transitioning technology to the warfighter fast; promoting innovation; recruiting a community of world-class technologists; encouraging collaboration with government, industry, and academia; removing barriers; promoting non-traditional defense contractor contributions and participation; promoting and enabling the industrial base; supporting the nation’s equities in RD&A, OTA, and future capabilities. The partner organizations will foster a collaboration among the Government engineers, researchers and technologists and NAC’s 900+ members from industry and academia.

Companies that are part of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base as well as new and emerging non-traditional defense contractors are encouraged to join the NAC and participate in federally-funded R&D projects.

  • Traditional Contractors
  • Non-traditionals (Companies that don’t typically participate in federal R&D)
  • Academia

Membership includes access to additional funding opportunities currently available to NAC members. The NAC has open, non-exclusive membership policies.