The following projects have been awarded under the NEST Other Transaction Agreements (OTA). Please check periodically for any updates.

Statement of NeedProject TitleNAC Member NameProject ValueAwarded
CBRN-21-01-003Navy JBPDS Line Replaceable Unit Part Design and FabricationBattelle Memorial Institute$2MSeptember 2022
ENRM-21-01-004Chemring FLU ENRM-21-01-004Chemring Energetic Devices$904KNovember 2022
PHST-22-01-001CAD/PAD Metal Parts Manufacture and KittingBowhead Professional Solutions, LLC$1.6MOctober 2022
EOD-21-01-001Prototype Updated Mk 1 Mod 3 Rocket Wrenches FabricationSAVIT CORPORATION$1.1MOctober 2022
ENRS-22-01-003AARG Component and System Level Design for Manufacturing AnalysisAARG$5.3MSeptember 2022
22-SBIR-001Extended Range Light Weight ComponentsCorvid Technologies LLC$92MSeptember 2022
ENRM-22-02-002Prototype Facility Condition Assessment Process for NSWC IHD FacilitiesEastern Research Group, Inc.$2.8MSeptember 2022
ENRS-22-01-003Support for the Development of an Anti-Submarine Warfare Prototype WarheadDE Technologies, Inc$404KSeptember 2022
ENR-22-01-008Accelerator-Based Neutron Radiography SystemPhoenix, LLC$4.6MSeptember 2022
ENR-22-01-008Prototype NDE Facility Planning and DesignEastern Research Group, Inc.$1.4MSeptember 2022
OTH-22-02-001TSS Rapid Prototyping4D Tech Solutions, LLC$3.7MMay 2023
FSA-21-01-005Exp. Method for Replicating High-g, Long Durations on MunitionsGeorgia Tech Research Corporation$600KAugust 2022
ENRM-22-A-001TATB-Based Energetic MaterialsGlobal Ordnance LLC$36.2MAugust 2022
PLS-21-01-001Advanced Nozzle-less Booster Technologies for Enhanced System RangeHelicon Chemical Company LLC$300KAugust 2022
ENRM-22-01-002Enhanced Manufacture of Combustible Materials and ComponentsUnconventional Concepts, Inc.$5.9MAugust 2022
FSA-21-01-003Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) RadarCobham Advanced Electronic Solutions$1.5MAugust 2022
ENR-21-01-002Encapsulated Boron ParticlesAkita Innovations LLC$70KAugust 2022
ENR-22-01-004Detonation Energy Release CalorimeterBlazeTech Corporation$135KJuly 2022
ENRM-21-01-007System Integration Support for Agile Chemical Facility (ACF)Eastern Research Group$475KJuly 2022
WHD-21-01-001Tungsten Shape Charge LinersNostromo, LLC$2.1MDecember 2022
WHD-21-01-004Reactive Material Prototype Design and FabricationMatsys, Inc.$1.25MMay 2023
ENRM-21-01-010Agile Continuous Acoustic Chemical Reactor and CrystallizerResodyn Corporation$13.2MMay 2023
OTH-22-B-001SPA NEST-22-BSystems Planning and Analysis, Inc.$304KMay 2023
ENR-22-01-010High Energy Perovskites as Advanced Thermally Stable ExplosivesRocky Mountain Scientific Laboratory$880KApril 2023
ENRM-21-01-012Continuous Post-processor for Methyl/Ethyl NENASynthio Chemicals, Inc.$658KMarch 2023
OTH-22-02-001Prototyping Solutions, Field Technical & Instrumentation Support for TSSCombustion Research & Flow Technology, Inc. (CRAFT Tech)$1.2MMarch 2023
PPS-22-02-002Nitinol/Ceramic Band to Cut Missile Casing for Slow Cookoff MitigationBlazeTech Corporation$505KMarch 2023
ENRS-21-01-004Direct Header Deposition EFI Development and CharacterizationBattelle Memorial Institute$1.6MMarch 2023
FSA-22-B-001L3Harris Proximity Fuze for the 2.75” APKWS Guided Rocket SystemL3Harris Fuzing and Ordnance Systems, Inc.$5.2MFebruary 2023
ENR-22-01-001Demonstrate Explosive for Prototype Ultra Low Exploding Foil InitiatorReynolds Systems, Inc.$773KJanuary 2023
PPS-21-01-003Actuated Inlet Design for Integral Rocket RamjetSystima Technologies, Inc.$1.3MDecember 2022
PPS-21-01-004Smart Material Bi-Modal Nozzle for Increased RangeSystima Technologies, Inc.$1.2MDecember 2022
ENR-22-01-007Design-Build Approach to Prototype ConstructionEnergetics Technology Center, Inc.$1.0MDecember 2022
PPS-21-01-002Ramjet Assisted Munition FabricationSAVIT CORPORATION$1.0MDecember 2022
SBIRGround Vehicle Armament Survivability and Lethality ModelingCorvid Technologies LLC$93.8MJanuary 2023
ENR-22-01-002Detonation Calorimetry Characterization of Prototype ExplosivesUniversity of Rhode Island (URI)$25KJanuary 2023
ENRS-22-02-002Facilities Safety Deficiencies SurveysEastern Research Group, Inc.$735KJanuary 2023
ENRM-22-01-002Automated Blending and Bundling of Combustible SticksEastern Automation Systems$2.4MFebruary 2023
22-SBIR-002Improved Propulsion Configurations for Threat Representative TargetsCorvid Technologies LLC$93.3MJune 2023
MSC-21-01-0024Wargaming for Defense Innovation & Business DevelopmentTroika Solutions LLC$997kJune 2023
ENRS-22-01-004Advanced modular thermal battery for plug and play munition power systemBINERGY SCIENTIFIC, INC.$1.87MJune 2023
ENR-22-02-002Modern Manufacturing of EnergeticsPurdue University$2.3MJune 2023
EESM-23-01-002Code Development and Experimentation for Weapon Effects and Target ResponseDynaflow, Inc.$500kJuly 2023
ENRM-23-B-002Task 4: Prototype design for linear explosive and output tip productionARA$526kAugust 2023
PPS-22-02-001Integrated Thermal Trigger and Nozzle Release System for SCO MitigationSystima Technologies, Inc.$553kAugust 2023
OTH-23-B-001Advanced Technology Prototyping for Threat Simulation SystemsBowhead Professional Solutions LLC$6.3MAugust 2023